New note in folder - better method

When you create a new note it always goes in the root folder (or same folder if configured that way). What we really need is a way to liberally tag dates, names and concepts and when first clicked on choose what folder the new note should be created in. This is especially true of dates. I tag future dates all the time, eg: 'remember to call the guy on [2020-10-01] ’ . If I click on that link it will create the new dated note in the root folder instead of ‘daily_notes/’.
I propose this simple improvement: Let the user configure: Create all notes in folder ___ or Create all notes in the same (current) folder or Ask for folder for all new notes. In any case if the user specifically types a folder name in the link, eg: ‘[daily_notes/2020-10-01]’ The first time it is clicked on Obsidian can create the note in the specified folder, then REMOVE the folder name from the original link.


That’s not what I am referring to.

If I am typing in a note on the top level and I enter " - call [[Joe]] about the meeting on [[2020-10-02]] for the [[Solve World Hunger]] project". I would want the Joe note to be created in the top level and the 2020-10-02 to be created in my daily_notes folder, and perhaps I would want the ‘Solve World Hunger’ note created in my projects/ folder.

I agree. I have my notes set to Shortest path when possible. When a link already matches, and you type in the full path, it shortens the link for you.

But when you create a new link, it keeps that full path in the link. This is inconsistent.

This is somewhat related to this feature request: Create zettelkasten note inline

In order to create a Zettlekasten link, you first need to make the note, and then return and link to it. There is currently no way to generate the new Zettlekasten link from your current note without formatting the link and path yourself. And I agree that there should be, for Zettlekasten, and Daily Notes. And put them into their configured folders directly.


Also related to this: Creating or recognizing future daily notes inline while using folders


I agree. This would be a very simple and meaningful improvement to the workflow