New Line or "Enter Key" behavior for "Folded" & "Unfolded" bullet points

Use case or problem

The PROBLEM: When I hit enter on a bullet point that is folded, (I’m facing 2 problems)

  1. a new line gets added inside the folder bullet point - but since the bullet is folded, i’m not able to see that a new line is already added.
  2. hitting Enter multiple times on a folded line does add a new line - but it doesn’t get added as a bullet point - instead it gets added as a blank new line (without the bullet)

Proposed solution

Note: according to the reponses in this question, the current behavior is the expected behavior (logically), but it needs to be improved for better user experience.

The proposed solution can technically be considered as 3 feature requests. But I’m adding them together since they’re related.

  1. Hitting the “ENTER” on a folded bullet point should add a new line at the same level as the bullet point that I’m currently on - at the end of all the existing child’s in the bullet that I’m currently on.
  2. Hitting “ENTER” on a bullet point that is “UN-Folded”
    • EITHER should add a new CHILD bullet point (as a child of the bullet that I’m on) - Only if the current bullet has at least one existing child’s and it is un-folded
    • OR should add a new ADJACENT bullet point (at the same level as the current one) - if the current bullet doesn’t have any children OR if the current bullet point is folded)

Note that all the feature requests mentioned above are the things that are already possible with a lot of outline tools - but since Obsidian is drastically different in terms of the source format being markdown, it’s understandable why this isn’t something that’s already available.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, all the 3 points mentioned above need to be done manually

  • either by expanding the bullet point and hitting enter multiple point to get the bullet point to the place I want it to be
  • or add a new bullet point using markdown (- ) and then indent it to the respective position if required

Related feature requests (optional)

Similar feature requests and bugs have been added in the past:

  1. Improve auto-indent for folded lines
  2. Folding issue: Hitting ENTER does not add new line / bullet if folded set is at the bottom of the page
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