NeverInstall + Obsidian

This is finally possible now. Obisidian can be accessed directly from your browser. Folks at Neverinstall are streaming it directly to your browser with low latencies. Check out their blog.


Interesting about Neverinstall’s support for obsidian. Myself, I wouldn’t to give up the privacy aspect of having my notes unencrypted only on my local device. But it’s nice to have another option.

This looks interesting but doesn’t include enough information for me about security and privacy, e.g. who has access to my data on their service (I would expect only me)

I wouldn’t personally see it as a high security or privacy platform. For convenience only, I would suggest.

From the Privacy policy:

5.1 The Information collected by us shall be used for availing our Services and utilised for other functions including but not limited to:
a. to render Services (as defined in the Terms of Service);
b. for maintaining the Platform;
c. to evaluate the quality and competence of our personnel;
d. to resolve any complaints, you may have and ensure that you receive the highest quality of Services;
e. notifying you about changes to our Platform;
f. allowing you to participate in interactive features of our Platform when you choose to do so;
g. providing analysis or valuable information so that we can improve the Platform;
h. monitoring the usage of the Platform;
i. detecting, preventing and addressing technical issues;
j. to conduct crash analytics in the event the Platform and/or Service crashes;
k. analyse usage patterns and user preferences;
l. improve user experience;
m. notify you about new products and features.

We do not rent, sell or disclose or share any Information that we collect from you, with third parties, save and except in order to provide you with the Services or for the Legitimate Purposes as specified above.

You agree and accept that your Information may be stored in third-party cloud service infrastructure providers. While all reasonable attempts have been taken from our end to ensure the safe and secure storage of your data, we shall not be liable for any data breach on the part of the third-party cloud service infrastructure provider that was beyond our control.

We may modify or revise the Privacy Policy from time to time and shall accordingly notify you of any changes to the Privacy Policy by posting the revised Privacy Policy on the Platform with an updated date of revision.

This Privacy Policy, our Services (as defined in the TOS) and the use of it is governed by the laws of India and the courts in India shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes connected to our Platform or the Services.

There are no references to the security measures in place (e.g. Encryption) and saying that you’re not responsible for your sub contractors / sub processors does not inspire confidence in the due diligence processes or contractual requirements in place.