Obsidian for web

I have used a server with ‘unRAID’ in my home-LAN.
Run ‘duckdns’, ‘swag’ and ‘Apache Guacamole’ as a Docker and a Windows-10-VM on it.
Point port 80 and 443 from my Router to ‘swag’ → ‘Apache Guacamole’ → Windows-10-VM

… and configurated many days these configuration… really! many days!!!(I’m here a Noob…)
But after get it running(clipboard-using does not get really functional…), only 1,5 days later → our IT detect this and “classified as a international risk…” and blocked it…

So I want a secure browser-to-local-hosted-file-server-solution too!
(only the basic functions like read, write, edit, new, delete Files, follow the internal Links AND use the clipboard are necessary for me. More functions then are the cherry-on-the-pie! :smile: )

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+1 for me. My use case is to allow people at my work to collaboratively work on an obsidian vault as an internal work wiki. Yes they could all install obsidian client locally and we can sync them all individually, but we want to consume the vault on a webpage using Obsidian Publish, so it seems natural to also be able to edit on the web.


+1 here too. I am aware of the challenge to ethos, but being able to access my vault on work machines would be amazing.

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I also would +1 this. I would suggest web client + Obsidian sync.

Since this may involve additional work on the app and perhaps some overhead cost, I would be more than happy if this kind of feature would be a paid feature.


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+1 big-time, here; willing to pay, also…thanks for even considering it! It would be phenomenally useful.


+1 big-time, too.

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+1 from me

More than willing to pay a premium for this


+1 - A high priority feature for me and something that might be able to be conditional on subscribing to Obsidian sync?

For me I’d love to use Obsidian at work but am currently not able to do this due to computer admin restrictions.

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:100:+1. I would also pay if its included in sync fee. I can’t run obsidian in my work computer due to admin. reasons.

Have you tried the portable version?

I’m chromebook user. And I don’t like an opinionated way to use obsidian only as an installed application. Waiting web support for this beautiful app…

Personally, don’t understand. Obsidian build on top of web technologies, and this thread exists from 2020.

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:100: — Web-based Obsidian would increase access to a whole population of people.

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I agree. To me at least having a web application doesn’t seem to compromise privacy more than the sync feature already does.

I love and stand behind Obsidian’s philosophy of full user ownership of their data and content, but as a paid addon subscription in combination with sync I think there could be room for a web app as well.

A few note of clarification as to why this is not easy at all.
Obsidian Sync uses end-to-end encryption. It means that Obsidian Server does NOT have access to your notes in plaintext.

To build a web version of obsidian one would have to
Option A:
Download both Obsidian and the Vaults (potentially gigabytes) within the browser. Keep both Obsidian and vaults up to date in an efficient manner when you make changes (not redownload everything all the time).

Option B:
Give up end-to-end encryption, that is let Obsidian Servers have unencrypted access to your notes.
Than Obsidian should be completely reengineered with a frontend that just takes the user inputs and a backend on the server that executes your inputs on the files.

Both these options have pros/cons and both are extremely challenging.


I think option B would be acceptable for many people. Most services doesn’t use end-to-end encryption and it is accepted because of convenience, for example Gmail, Messenger. I hope that when/if Obsidian becomes more popular there will be resources to implement even such features.

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But then it would make it non-admissible for work-related data in most self-respecting business and it seems there is a strong demand precisely from people who wants to use obsidian at work and can’t because they can’t install software on their machine.


That information is going on Omnifocus on my iPad at the moment, so what’s the difference in typing it on my computer instead?

I work in Info Sec, I’m not stealing information, just arranging my day and taking notes.

God, please no :grimacing: The whole purpose of Obsidian is local files. Reducing security and encryption to satisfy a small web fringe would be madness.

If you want a web-based option there are so so many! Why would people want to turn the one lovely local app into something web-based…?