Network error through VPN since v1.5.3

I first reported this outside of the bug section (here) but after doing a dichotomy on Obsidian versions, it appears only with the 1.5.3, and not with the previous versions, in the same conditions. So it seems to me to be an intrinsic problem to the last update of Obsidian

When working through my company VPN, i get this error upon opening Obsidian and randomly & multiple times during the day while i keep Obsidian opened :
Note that :

  • i do not use community themes or plugins
  • i do not use Sync, Publish nor outgoing links display (so i do not expect Obsidian to try to access the web)
  • i am on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04.1)
  • same error trigger either with Obsidian installed through snap, or with AppImage
  • error does not trigger with the VPN off (yet, i insist, there was no problem with the VPN on previous versions)
  • error trigger upon opening even with no vault opened
  • i am not the only one getting this error (cf. original post)

I remain available for further information or to narrow down the problem.
Thanks in advance for your help !

I don’t think we have made any changes to that area of the code. The error you are seeing comes from deep within electron/chrome, we don’t have control over that.

There’ll be a new electron version in one the upcoming releases and you can see if that helps.


Disable Settings - General - Automatic updates to prevent this error.

I had exactly the same problem in Obsidian and also in VSCode. It was cured by switching the system proxy mode from Automatic to Disabled

I’m having the same issue but also without VPN as well.

It started after the upgrade to version 1.6.3.

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 11.29.13