Need help with default Table and UI style


I am new to Obsidian. In my vanilla Obsidian v1.0.3 on Windows 10, the table heading font-size is smaller than that in table body, which looks strange.


Looking into the Dev Tool (Ctrl + Shift + i), it seems the table header is using a smaller font-size, in app.css .

.markdown-rendered th {
    font-size: var(--table-header-size);

body {
--table-header-size: var(--font-smaller);
--font-smaller: 0.875em;

For community plugins, the Advanced Table plugin UI button are densely packed, which is also strange and different from that shown by the others.


Reinstall and creating new vaults didn’t make any difference.
I have not bothered with CSS snippets, and just wanted to keep things simple.

Is it my machine’s problem?
Any suggestions?

The table heading font problem seems resolved in the recent release v1.1.9.
Thanks to the Devs and the community!

My UI issue of the Advanced Table plugin is also resolved after updating it to version 0.18. Thanks again.

I am on 1.1.9 and this issue of the Table Header fonts being smaller in size seems to have come back…

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