Navigate from heading to heading with hotkeys

Use case or problem

Quickly jump from heading to heading with a keyboard shortcut.

Skipping the cursor among headings, coupled with heading folding which already is available with Ctrl + Shift + ], would really help with navigating faster within a note.

Proposed solution

Sublime Text’s MarkdownEditing plugin has Ctrl + Shift + PageUp / PageDown to go to previous / next heading.

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

I use GitHub - timhor/obsidian-editor-shortcuts: Obsidian plugin to add keyboard shortcuts commonly found in code editors such as Visual Studio Code (vscode) or Sublime Text for that

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Valid workaround, thanks! Unfortunately I can’t edit the original post to put it as “current workaround”.

I edited it for you.

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There’s a plugin for that ™

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