My Obsidian Workflow


I am still a beginner to this whole PKM system. I have been enjoying it so far and have created a lot of notes. I have been constantly updating my workflow to satisfy my needs. Thought I will share it here and wanted to know what you all thought. Although I might change this later if I find a better workflow. But this is what I have been using for a while.

Meanings of notations

Types of Content

:bust_in_silhouette: - Person
:books: - Books
:clapper: - YouTube
:page_facing_up: - Article

Highlights Colours

Plugin used

  • Red - Disagree with Author
  • Green - Actionable / Very important
  • Purple - Further Reading
  • Blue - Highlight

Status of Inbox Files

:yellow_circle: - Processing
:green_circle: - Finished
:purple_circle: - Further Resources to check

Status of Evergreen Notes

:red_circle:- Finish writing note, add tags, reference and find preliminary relations
:seedling:- Need further research to fleshed out
:four_leaf_clover:- The Highest order note
:evergreen_tree: - MOC

Getting external content into inbox folder in obsidian


  1. Get Book PDF
  2. Bulk convert into word document using [this website] (PDF to WORD | Convert PDF to Word online for free)
    1.Run python script to convert into markdown and formatting
  3. Highlight
  4. Create atomic notes with block ref to the book content


  1. Get Transcript of YouTube video and put into obsidian
  2. Get transcript of youtube using YT Scribe and Mark Download
  3. Run a python script to format the notes
  4. Highlight
    1.Create Atomic notes with block ref to section in youtube video


  1. Use [Mark Download]( markdown-web/pcmpcfapbekmbjjkdalcgopdkipoggdi) to download .md file

Incremental Reading for Inbox

What is incremental Reading
Plugin used
Authour explaining how the plugin works
Basic Stuff

I create simple queue for this purpose (:yellow_circle: to :green_circle:)

  • Highlight content
  • Create atomic notes for new ideas
  • When finshed the content tag with :green_circle:
  • Move into reference folder

Incremental writing of Atomic Notes

Same plugin used for Incremental Reading
What is Incremental Writing
Plugin used

I use two queues for atomic notes

  • One simple queue to create a first draft of the notes i.e add tags, reference and find preliminary connections(:red_circle: to :seedling:)
  • A Main queuse using the A factor for long term review of notes
    • The idea is that a note create one year will resurface today and suddenly I can find noval connections with the new knowledge I accumulated during the elapsed year

Dealing with conflicting ideas

Sometimes while doing research I come across conflicting ideas

  • If it conflicts with a :four_leaf_clover:
    • Create another note refuting it and showing why someone might end up with that β€œwrong” ideas
      • A simple example : Some people believe the earth is flat. It can be beneficial to think how they end up with that conclusion. In this case it is simple to understand why. But for complex ideas it is important to take stance back and look at the opposing argument and if there are grains of truth in it
    • If you cannot refute; demote :four_leaf_clover: to :seedling:
    • Create a note for the conflicting idea
    • Do more research
  • If it is a new topic you are researching
    • Create notes for both arguments
    • Do more research
    • After deciding which argument is the truth; promote it
    • Create note refuting the conflicting idea

Just something to consider regarding turning non-Markdown content into Markdown content.

Check these forums for pandoc - it’s actually quite a simple tool to use like a β€œmarkdown Swiss-army knife.”

I’m in grad school, and use it quite regularly to convert PDFs and Word docs to Markdown.

Hope that helps.

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I do use pandoc, I was just lazy to do it for each book one by one. So I wrote a python script to call pandoc for all of my books at once

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Could you please share this script, I really like using transcript to take note form video, but for some reason exports from that website have no linebreaks in them. it is going to save me so much time not to reinvent the wheel.