Multiple Spellcheck Languages in Editor Options Not Working As Expected

What I’m trying to do

I write in two languages (English/Spanish). I tried adding both languages in the options menu (so I wouldn’t have to switch constantly). When two languages are selected, I see words that are not correct, but the suggested changes are many times wrong, unavailable, or just nonsensical.

When it’s just one, it works as expected. Can you have two languages selected at one time?

For reference I select the Spanish (United States) option.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, so posting here just in case is simply something I’m misunderstanding.

Things I have tried

I’ve searched the forum, read documentation and have not found anything that addresses this issue.

It may be this:

Does anything in there sound familiar?

This seems to be the same issue. (But with Spanish for me of course.)

I imagine it’s not a use case that affects a large number of users. But it is annoying for those of us who do. :laughing:

Has any progress been made on resolving it?

It’s tagged as an “upstream-bug”, so the latest news is probably in the link.

I’m new to the obsidian ecosystem.

What is electron? What does electron have to do with obsidian?