Multiple File Explorer Pane To Drag One File to Another Folder

Things I have tried

I don’t know how to do it

What I’m trying to do

I want two file explorer, one in the left pane, one in the right pane.

I want to do so because I want to drag one file from one to folder to another folder.

My folder number is too large. If I only have one file explorer pane, I will need a lot of time to navigate through the folder list.

Obsidian’s file explorer is rather restricted anyway, why not use your system’s file manager (2 windows)?

Might pay to leave Obsidian running while you do it so it can update links.

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Well, it’s feasible, but 2 file pane is also reasonable. I don’t know why there hasn’t that option yet.

Instead of the “drag and drop” method you can use another one:

  • in the file explorer pane, over the file you want to move, right click and in context menu select “Move file to…”;
  • then opens a windows where you can choose the destination folder.

You can too define a shortcut to the command “File Explorer: Move file to another folder” (Settings > Hotkeys) .


Awesome answer! Thanks!

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