Moving notes from one vault to another

Another cry from a desperate novice here: I accidentally created my notes in the Obsidian Help Vault. How can I move them to my own vault? Thanks!

Your notes in Obsidian are just .md files so you can just go to the folder (outside Obsidian) where the Help Vault is, and move the files to the folder your vault is in.


Thank you, Meins!

No problem :wink:

One question about this: can you somehow select all files within Explorer (Windows) / Finder (Mac) that are linked to each other in Obsidian?
In my situation I have a Work and Private vault. I was writing about something that turned out to be something more personal, so it belonged in the Private vault. And some notes were linked to each other and included images for example.
How can I grab all that stuff at once and move it?

@DvT: You could try simply duplicating the entire vault, renaming both vault folders and just deleting unneeded files within each vault. Both the local and global graph view should be quite handy in this regard.

I hope it works out. I find that this process of separating and combining vaults is terrifying even if you have things backed up. There is a deep fear of overwriting or disconnecting the system that is hard to shake. Yet, I regularly start new vaults saying this will be the last time. So far, it never was.

Good luck.


The main challenge in moving notes between vaults are attachments. Collecting all attachments and moving them to the right folder in the destination vault is a big hassle.

This seems like a good candidate for a plugin or new core feature.


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