Move selected line(s) to new location

Use case or problem

reordering tasks or ideas without having to cut / make new line / paste / delete empty line

Proposed solution

holding mouse over a selected line and dragging should transform into an insert position placeholder / indicator to chose where to drop the content

Current workaround (optional)

select > cut > new position new empty line > paste > delete empty line left behind

Related feature requests (optional)

[Select line by clicking line-number in edit mode](/t/select-line-by-clicking-line-number-in-edit-mode/28482](Select line by clicking line-number in edit mode)

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While not exactly the same, I use Move Line Up and Move Line Down. It will move multiple lines if they are selected. I have them bound to ⌥ + ↑ and ⌥ + ↓.

I was just notified that one can 4-click on a line to include the line break. That would shorten the workaround to

4-click > cut > select beginning of target line > paste

then the selection is inserted on a new line before the target line and there is no empty line to be removed manually. However, selecting the beginning of the line requires some mouse-aiming skill, especially for bullet points