Move multiple selected notes from Backlinks or Outlinks panes via right click menu

Use case or problem

When you are trying to organize notes into folders based on whether they are linked to or from a note.

Proposed solution

Let it be possible to select multiple notes in the Backlinks or Outlinks panes and use a right click> Move to command to relocate them.

Current workaround

Use Database folder and filter an Outlinks or Backlinks column and use settings to move automatically based on a certain field, with a Select column for that field. This still requires going one by one.

Another workaround is to pin the note and open the Backlinks/Outlinks in new tabs and triggering a Templater script to move the note via a Hotkeys For Templater hotkey.

Use System search then cut and paste. But this doesn’t work for Outlinks.

Related feature requests

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