Move line (or block) to another file

Select a text, press a hotkey (ctrl+shift+M) and move to another file from the quickswitcher.

If i press the same without selecting, move the entire line.

To work similar to Dynalist.


Have you checked the Note Refactor plugin?

Yes, i use it and it is lovely, but is for another use case. I need something like ctrl+shift+M in Dynalist, to move a text to a file that already exists, not to create a new file.


Check the Workbench plugin

Hmmm… Workbench sends lines/blocks into a target file that is chosen in the plugin’s settings (default name: workbench). This is like collecting material in an Inbox.

I (and I believe the OP) am looking to send lines/blocks/selected-text to a file that I choose on-the-fly with an interface similar to link-completion. Note Refactor comes close with its Extract selection to new note - content only. However, this does not have the option of sending the selected text into a specific block (#) within a file. Also, It would be nice to have some options: [make/don’t make] a link after moving text, [open/don’t open] target file after moving text.

@FedeK did you find a solution?

I think the text transporter plugin does exactly what you want.

Thanks! Reading over the Github page for Text Transporter, I agree — it indeed looks like what I’m looking for. I wasn’t expecting Quick-Capture (another capability that I’ve been interested in). I look forward to trying out this plugin.