Move all files showed in local graph to a folder


The simple idea here is this : Be able to reorganize quickly some notes based on a top node file like a MOC and the local graph of this file.

Why ?

With time, I realized that my big vault should be separated into 3 vaults. Screening and move all my 4000 notes + 6000 attachments files is impossible.

Or sometime, I needed to isolated a part of my vault to a colleague based on a projet.

How ?

When I open “local graph view”, I can adjust a “depth level” to 3 by example. That way, I can see approximately what note will be included related to a high level note.
The idea is to add a “move command” on the local graph view. (by a button or right-click)
After, manually, I can move some leftover files somewhere else in my vault to finish the job or run another local file graph somewhere else but this time with a depth of 1 as exemple.

Generic idea based on this concept

Or maybe better, be able to circle some notes with mouse in the graph then after apply a command on these files.

So, the graph will become a tool instead of just a “look of my graph stuff” !