More control over tabs in mobile

Use case or problem

I think the mobile UI changes with 1.0 were great: they simplified things for smaller screens in a much needed way. However, the tabs portion for mobile could use some sprucing up to make it easier to manage tabs without going to the pages themselves each time we need to interact with the tab rather than the page.

Proposed solution

Two things.

  1. Show a pin icon in the mobile tab menu when it’s opening, so we can easily see which tabs are already pinned. Currently, we have to navigate to the page itself to see if a tab is pinned.

  2. Add a context menu on long-press or some other interaction with a tab for tab-specific changes (i.e. pin tab, close tab, move tab, close all tabs below, etc).

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Another reason this needs to be implemented:
notes with a lot of embedded PDFs, code blocks, etc crash the mobile client. Once you switch to another tab to prevent, there’s no way to remotely remove the offending tab.

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Not a solution, but I wonder whether it would help to close Obsidian, then cut and paste the offending note out of the vault. Perhaps this could be done temporarily, during which time you could close the problem tab before pasting the note back to its original location.

Regardless, I agree that it would definitely be helpful to have more control over tabs on mobile.


This is implemented somewhat. long press on the tab swicher and long press on the hamburger button

The longpress on the tabs button is great!

The only other request would be a pinned icon on the pinned tabs when opening the tab switcher.

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