Mobile settings option to stop auto-rendering inline PDFs, and only render on-click

Use case or problem

The new PDF rendering is great. I love it on desktop. It works great on mobile, too. However, it makes it near impossible to open and navigate pages in mobile that have many inline PDFs rendering. When attempting to scroll on these pages via mobile, three out of four times it crashes and has to restart the whole app.

Proposed solution

Provide an option in settings, which prevents in-line PDFs from rendering automatically on mobile. Instead, it would have a place-holder, which would only render when clicked/tapped. This would decrease the mobile resources necessary for navigating resource-intense pages. This would also be great on Canvas, too, as I struggle with the same problem when navigating a Canvas with a lot of PDFs.

Side note: I realize I can avoid this by not inserting the PDF with inline rendering. This is not a solution, as I want it to inline render on Desktop but not Mobile.

Current workaround (optional)

Not really one that I can find on very resource intensive pages, aside from hoping it doesn’t crash the app.

Related feature requests (optional)

In the meantime, until this setting is added, we could temporarily fix the problem with my prior request: more control over tabs on mobile. That way, we could remove the offending tab/page from another page without going into the loop of open Obsidian, auto-open the resource-intensive tab/page, Obsidian crashes, rinse & repeat.

I suspect you can do this with a CSS snippet that only targets mobile.