Mononote: Only one tab for any one file & pane

Mononote 1.1.1 is out! Mononote ensures each note occupies only one tab per window pane. This update brings new stuff to the table:

  • Support for non-note files
  • Support for anchor links
  • Multi-window/-pane support: superfluous tabs will only be closed in the active pane or window
  • Now favors existing tabs over new ones, keeping undo history
  • Completely rewritten to be more robust and reliable

Please read the README post-install!

Mononote in the Community Plugin section



Mononote 1.2.1 was released today.

I’ve rewritten the entire internal logic of Mononote (again) to be more robust and reliable. This should fix a lot of the issues that have been reported with endless flickering and tabs being closed prematurely, and make the plugin more stable overall. It’s been a journey. :sweat_smile:


  • Adds support for section links (e.g. [[Note#Section]]). [#20]


  • Tabs will only be closed if they have no history.


  • If a tab (T1) loads a note (N1), and N1 is already shown in another tab (T2) [#18]:
    • If T1 has a history, it will go back to its previous file, then T2 will be focussed.
    • If T1 doesn’t have history but is pinned, it’ll remain open, still showing N1.
    • If T1 doesn’t have history and is unpinned, it will close, then T2 will be focussed.
  • Clicking on a file in the File Explorer no longer endlessly flashes the tab [#19]
  • Cmd/Ctrl-clicking a note in the File Explorer no longer endlessly flashes the tab [#21]
  • Clicking on a headline/link in the Outline panel no longer endlessly flashes the linked headline [#26]
  • Clicking a link in a pinned tab no longer loads the note in that pinned tab, as you would expect.

Mononote 1.2.2 was released today.


Adds settings tab where you can configure how much time Mononote gives to Obsidian to load a file and do its thing, before Mononote’s tab switching kicks in.

By default, the plugin waits for 100ms before applying its own tab switching rules. However, depending on your machine and your vault size, that might not be enough time. If it isn’t, then Mononote would switch tabs before Obsidian is done internally, and then Obsidian would add another switch on top. So now you can adjust this delay if necessary.