Mode indicator in a tab

Is there a way to display the current mode indicator in the tab, next to the close button? Like on this mockup:

I want the indicator to reflect the current state - whether the tab is in reading view, in source mode, or in live preview (a new icon or simply no indicator), and I don’t need it to be clickable. I’m using Minimal theme, if that matters. And I like having “Show tab title bar” disabled.


This is awesome. I’d love this!

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If you go to Settings > Editor > General, you can enable the Editor status , and get this symbol in the lower right of the document window.

Then it’ll show the following symbols:

  • image – Source mode
  • image – Live preview
  • image – Reading view

This icon is found in the lower right of the window:


And you can also click on this icon, to change directly into either mode.


All example screenshots are from within Minimal theme in dark mode.

Thanks, I wasn’t noticing that before. For people who like Reading and Source panes side by side, the tab would be a better place for the indicator.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is no way to achieve that with CSS, which is all I know for now about customizing the appearance of the vault.

How deep did you look into the CSS option? I used CSS to move the Sync icon out of the sidebar on mobile — thanks to the wizards in the Obsidian Discord’s #appearance channel — so it might be doable with some magic.

I’m not a wizard but I think I know CSS and HTML well enough to understand that you can’t posibly “style” a single icon in the corner into an icon on every tab that would show the current state the tab is in.