Is there a way to edit raw markdown w/o legacy mode?

What I’m trying to do

Edit the raw markdown on my pages, with plugins like multi-column and tracker.

Things I have tried

Ctrl-E and clicking stuff. I am not sure if it’s these plugins interacting badly, but the usual markdown expansion symbol is missing. If I switch to Legacy in the editor, I can see raw markdown but I’d prefer to keep the new editor and have a key-combo to view raw markdown if possible!

In the example below, clicking in the box does nothing, dragging the mouse down from the templating statement sometimes renders the markdown, but not consistently.

I think you’re looking for “source mode”.

There are a few ways to get to it. Right click on a tab header and choose “source mode”. There’s a command, cmd/ctrl+p → “toggle live preview/source modes”. On desktop there’s the editor status bar described here.

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Another way to reach Source Mode is in the note menu (the 3 dots at upper right).

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