[Mobile] Zoom/unzoom using pinch?

Is it yet possible to zoom on mobile/tablet ?


I second this implied feature request. Two-finger pinch-to-zoom does not work in the iPad client. This is a basic iOS feature that I would like to see.

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Is there any news on that ? Thanks !

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I’d like to see this feature too.

Trying to zoom in on an image in mobile often enough, and then I end up having to go to the image a different way just to zoom in.

Breaks flow.

Hope it can be implemented.

Is there any news on this FR ? Thanks !

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Feature still needed in 2023. Are there any news please ?

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Yes please!! Would increase the mobile experience A LOT!

Zoom what?

It works on graph view and canvas

Zoom in to increase text size, or conversely zoom out to decrease text size. Standard feature used in other apps like Reddit. Thanks.

When I have zoomed the UI on my laptop to accomodate my wife the setting propagates to mobile and I have found no way to affect the zoom level there. My mobile becomes nearly unusable until I have access to my laptop again.

I know I could use a separate settings folder for mobile, but would prefer not to. I have found no way to zoom the UI on mobile and this discussion implies there is none?

I’m using the iPhone and a MacBook Pro.