Mobile settings switch

Good evening, could you tell me if it is possible to connect a mobile settings folder, with a plugin or something else?
The goal is to create and customize a storage for the phone

Do you mean configuration folder as in .obsidian?
Copy and paste into the same vault folder, rename .obsidian copy or something to .mobile and customize the settings once you relaunched with the other config on your device.
You need to find override config folder in your settings > relaunch.

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I know that. I meant, is there not a way to change this folder so to speak in the process, you know, like the storage itself, but simpler, just its settings

Depends on what you want to do and your skill level.
A similar topic:

What did I use it for?
I have a settings folder for my phone, but it’s inconvenient to customize all the snippets and plugins on my phone.
That’s why I was asking about the possibility to switch settings between .obsidian and .mobile folders, but within the same repository.

I’ve seen some plugin somewhere in the forum but I never tried it.
Only the user knows what settings should be used for which platform. In the Commander plugin there are settings for Desktop, Mobile, Both, but that’s it.
Someome might know the other plugin I was referring to – search the forum.

But as I said, I doubt it if that plugin would know what settings I want for my mobile profiles. So the config folder is for you to customize any way you like.

The problem comes when e.g. I want bookmarks.json on all platforms to be the same or the data.json of some plugin to be the same (Typing Transformer, Templater, etc.). There a plugin can help to update the instances that are behind the latest one, but I use shell scripts for this. So this is what I was referring to: what is your device and OS (you did not specify) and your skill level.

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