Mobile (iOS, Android) Applications

Indeed. I’d happily pay $10-20 for a full version iOS app that has most/all the desktop features of Obsidian.


It is an understandable avenue for the developers to make money from an Open Source project too.

Anki has a similar model, the program is free on Desktop but costs money on iOS. For any avid users of it, the price is more than justified.

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My “workaround” for this is to just not use folders, and instead rely on links and quick search. The other issue I noted with 1Writer is no ability to go back to previous note - swipe from left reveals file navigation pane.


I desperately need the IOS app too.
I have been using obsidian on Mac and PC with Dropbox.
I use 1Writer on my iPad, but it’s far from satisfying.

I’m willing to pay some money for an IOS mobile Obsidian app.

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I know this is a bit in advance of where the mobile app probably is in terms of development. Just the same, I thought I’d post this anyway.

Use case or problem

This may be planned for the mobile app already.

Still, if not, I’d love to have an option to take photos with my device camera, and have those images uploaded to my pre-defined attachments directory, and added to my note much like dragging and dropping images currently works.

Proposed solution

Perhaps enable image capture through the app, and have the image be uploaded to a synced setting for the attachment folder location, or a location we can specify in the app settings.

Current workaround (optional)

Not applicable

Related feature requests (optional)

I haven’t found anything similar yet.


@pauljacobson Related/complementary feature for audio: (already implemented)

Mobile app moved from ‘long term’ to ‘short term’ today (4 January) on the Roadmap. Good news.


Please, build mobile app so that it is able to provide following functionality:
(e.g. by being able to run corresponding future plugins)

This is rather premature, general request, just to make sure it is considered during initial phase of development, to make future steps possibly easier.

Edit: there is related discussion in another category: What would your ideal mobile PKM app look like?


I wold love an iOS app with Google Drive sync support!

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I recently found two, currently free, markdown editor apps, TAIO and OneMarkdown, for iOS that each use iCloud to store files. It’s just a matter of setting up a folder in iCloud as a vault for Obsidian to access these files in Obsidian. I am still assessing which is better for my uses. Right now, that is just to have a mobile markdown editor on which to enter text for later use in Obsidian. Both seem to do that admirably.

OneMarkdown was written as a light editor by the developers of MWeb. It allows a split markdown and preview screen like Obsidian. There is also a MacOS version of OneMarkdown. There are notes from the developer stating that OneMarkdown will be included in MWeb at some point, but I don’t know exactly what they mean for the long-term viability of the app.

TAIO will edit files but will also record snippets, which might be useful to some. It also allows one to use Clipboard in iOS as markdown.

I am just starting to explore these. If others are interested in experimenting, we might start a new topic exploring either or both of these and follow and, perhaps, influence their development long-term.

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It looks like the devs are working on a mobile app at the moment:

It just moved from “Short-term” to “Working on” :smile:


Me too, but how do you access them from iPadOS?

Also, l would appreciate if, the apps sync vaults across devices atleast in LAN WLAN

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Yes, I hope that the mobile app can be synchronized with the LAN

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As mentioned above Mobile (iOS, Android) Applications - #8 by greasemonkey

An Ipad app is coming - not clear what type of functionality it may have.


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Craft App Inspirations

I tried out Craft app and love how their principles are similar to Obsidian (control of your information). Where they fall short in exercising their principles, in my humble opinion, is Craft’s confusion of “exportability” with “portability”.

In Craft you can export all of your documents (or some) into md with a single button. I would call this “exportability” (which is admirably better than most lock-you-in notes apps). However, assuming the forthcoming Obsidian app sticks to realtime sync of files as md in your preferred location, they will be king of “portability”.

It is really necessary Obsidian doesn’t waiver in this advantage. The future winners of the PKM revolution will be apps that play nice in the sandbox. These are apps that support many-to-many-to-many relationships between the files, apps, and devices.

I want to access many files, on many devices, using many applications (that all excel at something unique). Please don’t compromise this Obsidian!

As a side note, Craft is a buttery smooth native app that is truly fun to use on the iPad. Please consider studying their UX/UI. There is no doubt with so much support for Obsidian the app will get there… hopefully they capture some of the market before other such UI focused apps do.


How will Craft ‘play’ at all as long as they only employ JSON?

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I just got an update directly from Craft:

They’re currently adding md capability

Where they might run into trouble is how they will implement their nesting of “cards” in md. I don’t have enough experience to even guess the headache this might be.

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