Mobile (iOS, Android) Applications

An iOS, Android, and iPadOS app for Obsidian would a very convenient feature. When it comes to saving these notes, rather than doing it locally on the device, something such as Google Drive integration for backing up and saving notes would fix the problem.


My note vaults are on icloud. Accessing from MacOS, Windows, and iPad. No problems to date.


I also have workarounds now, for my work laptop and private laptop and private iPad. It’s not ideal. A mobile app would be greatly appreciated. Or at least a web version of Obsidian. Many thanks in advance.


I am in desperate need for an IOS version of Obsidian for my iPad Pro. I use this more and more and it has nearly replaced my MacBook Pro. It is lighter and with keyboard and mouse is an awesome experience. But I really would like is Obsidian built to run on my iPad.


I am assuming you access the individual notes from iCloud on you iPad, but what about the purpose of linking notes and such. Any help in how to do this on the iPad would be appreciated.


My main vault is in Google Drive. I can sync that on my work laptop. On my private laptop I sync with iCloud. I then modify the md files on May iPad, without any linking support as in Obsidian, just manually writing e.g. [[document#heading]. This is really a workaround.

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I just found a Google Drive G suite app for viewing and editing markdown files, which is a useful workaround at this stage. But a web version would be a good first step to porting mobile apps.

Correct - can open files with a markdown editor on ipad. Just meant access from pad with no problems. Would really like to to have an ipad app of course - that would be huge for me.


I know it’s in the long-term roadmap, but just a suggestion that much like Anki having an app that provides income for the developer and a free desktop application, well, that would be a welcome thing for Obsidian. Also, iCould integration would be great. I currently keep the vault on iCloud and it works so far


Same for me

Hi. I am seconding a dedicated iPadOS app. I’m mostly on iPad these days, and Obsidian is great on MacOS. I’d love to have the full experience on my preferred device. I would pay for this. I’m not a developer, but the recent talks at WWDC make me think Apple is trying to make it easier for full cross platform app (under the Apple Platforms at least)


Apple is certainly doing good work to unify all their platforms. The downside for obsidian at the moment is the fact the fact that the app isn’t a native application.

It’s making use of a technology called electron. The benefit of this approach is they can have a small team build an app that can work on all desktop platforms. But hopefully given enough time we will get a native app. I do miss having nice link autocomplete on mobile.



Folks on iOS will appreciate 1Writer, which offers an almost-perfect mobile companion to Obsidian. Right now, the main problem with 1Writer is that it has trouble following links to foldered files. If all goes well in internal testing, an incoming update to Obsidian will offer a preference to add folder paths to links, fixing this issue for 1Writer.


Me too! A simple version would be enough for now

On Android I’m using Draft. Is that a good choice?

Drafts? So many with similar names :thinking:
It’s not the same as the iOS app. Very simple, no markdown.

It’s a simple note app. I save the file in Dropbox on the phone as I think of something. When I get to the iMac, I copy/paste the contents into Obsidian and then do the links. Can you suggest a workflow and Android app with markdown?

Question is whether you really need markdown.
Dropbox Paper will save as .md which makes it slightly easier to get the note into Obsidian vault - if the vault is in Dropbox you can even save it directly.
But the key is probably what you find easiest for making the original note.

The main gain of a markdown app is that you have preview, if you are doing a lot of formatting.
Examples include Markor, Epsilon Notes, QuickEdit but there are many others.
I mostly don’t bother any more. I just do the note in Vivaldi (browser) which supports markdown syntax, then drag it into vault on desktop.

The key feature for me with the specialist markdown apps is whether they have quick access to the symbols I intend to use in a note, to save cycling through keyboard options.

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See How do I work with Obsidian on Mobile?


Yes the vault is in Dropbox. I just record thoughts as they occur.
Thanks for the complete answer.

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