Mobile app parameters


on my mobile app (android), i am not able to find a way to see parameters and plugin.

Hw can I do that ?

Thanks for help

There is a icon in the upper left, a frame divided into two halves, with lines in the left part. Hit this, and then the stargear icon. Is that what you’re looking for?

thank you but you are talking about favorites, I think.

I am talking about parameters
See scren capture from my pc

Did you even try my suggestion? It’s what gives me (and others) the options panel on mobile.

I do that every time that I want to go to the folders and favorites.
There is no option panel, there

Not “parameters” but “settings”.
In the left pane, at the top, don’t you see a gear? (in iOS)
Or open settings via command palette.

Here’s an example:

how do I open command palette on mobile ?


thanks for trying to help me.

No gear, no “settings” caption…

Look :

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Hmmm… That looks strange. How did you install it? And what device do you run? Which iOS version?

I’m not on iOS, but according to the app store preview it should look like this:

Which shows the gear in the image on the left, as we see on our devices.

According to these same images I’m assuming the command palette is in the same place as on Android, and that is in the lower right corner. Either long press or tap the menu bar icon down there.


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Can you get to the settings through the command palette, as described in this post:

Alternatively, we can swipe down from the top of the Obsidian window to open the command palette. From there it is possible to type ‘settings’ and then open the settings menu.


@eightning already clarify that.

Are you sure you already opened a vault? These look like the screens for when you don’t have a vault. Once you open a vault, you will be able to see the Gear icon for settings.

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