[Mobile] Add two-finger Swipe down gesture: 1 finger for command palette, 2 for quick switcher!



Obsidian Mobile version: 1.0.5

Quick switcher and command palette are very often used : one could be accessed through a one-finger swipe down, the other through two-finger swipe down.

More broadly speaking, adding more gestures or a way to access several quick actions would be great.


Alternatively, A long swipe for different actions. Kinda like email apps.

Would be good to swipe vertically and the distance can correspond to different actions that are configurable in settings


Nice idea. More broadly speaking, a pool of gestures assignable to desired quick actions would be the most flexible and useful option.


Craft does two-finger tap for the quick switcher, and I think it works perfectly.

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Sorry, what is “Craft” ?

Craft.do - a popular note taking app in the Appleverse.

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+1 for long swipe.

Short swipe down: Command Palette

Long swipe down: Quick Switcher

And an option to reverse them for individual preference.


I want to toggle(close) keyboard with simply swiping down.

Has there been any news on that feature request ? Thanks ! :slight_smile:

This seems like the best way forward. Everyone will want their own customized actions, so why not let them customize them from the get-go?

Just having more quick actions instead of 1 right now would be fantastic. Long or short swipe seems the most convenient in my opinion.

And will prevent me from using another app for quick notes.

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I would love this feature as well. In the mean time, I’ve found a decent alternative:

I installed the Quick Switcher++ plugin and configured my mobile quick action to “Quick Switcher++: Open in Commands Mode”.

Then, when I swipe to open QS++, I can immediately search for a command, or I can press backspace to get rid of the > prefix and search for a note instead.


@maddi That’s a great idea! I wasn’t even aware of quick switcher ++. I’m using your setup in combination with my setup below.

Download the Homepage plugin and Button plugin. When opening Obsidian the homepage is automatically shown and you can put buttons for different commands in there. see screenshot.

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Regarding possible gestures to assign custom actions, the Android launcher Nova Launcher has a crap ton of gestures a potential plugin designer could steal ideas from, including:

1 to 3 fingers swipe up or down,
Tap and swipe
Double tap and swipe
2 finger clockwise
2 finger counter clockwise

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You can set that in Settings > Mobile > Wuick Action (but it’ll replace the current action, and it doesn’t work as smoothly as in other apps).

Personally I’d prefer 1-2 finger to short-long swipe. Short-long has some advantages but requires more precision; also it seems to imply more of a relationship between the 2 items.