Missing Buttons in Right Sidebar


I’ve been using Obsidian for many months now, and randomly encountered a discrepancy in my display - not sure if it’s related to an upgrade or simply something I did by mistake.

In the right sidebar (the collapsible one), there are icons or buttons at the top for Outline, Tags, Properties, and Advanced Tables (a plugin I added).

There used to be one where I could see backlinks in the right sidebar, but that has now disappeared. Is this a new change? Otherwise, how do I restore the backlinks icon/button?

Make sure you have the Backlinks Core plugin enabled in Settings -> Core plugins -> Backlinks.

You can use the commands Show backlinks & Show outgoing links via the command palette (Ctrl/Cmnd + P) to make the tabs appear again. You can drag the tabs in the sidebars wherever you want via their icons.

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