Missing app icon on MacOS dock

Dear all, good day. I am using mac os. Not sure why the Obsidian icon is missing in the dock. Right now it’s a rounded square, grey. I have tried reinstalling the app.

Is it because I installed Obsidian on different users account on the mac?

Thank you

yes, it probably because of that.

I am having this same issue. It is indeed because I installed Obsidian on a second user account on Mac. I have since deleted Obsidian from the second user account, and re-installed on my first account, but the icon is still missing (still rounded, square and grey just as @gtcsomes described) on the fresh install.

Just wanted to chime in and note that this is also happening to me.

I’m not sure about it being “installed on different user accounts” as being the culprit, given that the application is placed in /Applications and not ~/Applications, and that no other application I’ve ever installed exhibited the same behaviour. :man_shrugging:

After some digging, I suspect the issue isn’t that it was installed on a different user account. It’s that the .icns file has incorrect permissions.

This is likely why all other applications display their icons without issue across all user accounts, but Obsidian doesn’t.

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