Obsidian.app/Contents/Resources/Obsidian.icns in macOS has incorrect permissions

Steps to reproduce

Download Obsidian disk image and look inside the app bundle.

Expected result

All files should have 644 or 755 permissions.

Actual result

Everything else is correctly 644 or 755 except Obsidian.app/Contents/Resources/Obsidian.icns which is 0700. This causes the app to appear with incorrect icon when installed as root:admin.


  • Operating system: macOS Big Sur
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.17

Thank you for reporting this.
I installed Obsidian as user A and am using it as user A and B on my laptop. The icon was showing correctly when logged in as user A, but it was showing as a rounded grey icon (liked reported there) when logged in as user B.
I changed the permissions of Obsidian.app/Contents/Resources/Obsidian.icns to 0644, cleared the Mac OS icon cache for the user B using this and the icon is now showing correctly for both users :+1: