Minimalistic Web Browser

It would be really handy if i could turn any pane into a simple web browser for in-app research and referencing.

I think obsidian has the potential to become a more generalized interface or platform, where different panes can be different things like notes, chats, websites, etc.

A simple browser window should be a rather straightforward implementation, esp considering the interface is on Electron which outputs html.


I too had the same idea✨

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one thing you can do is embedd an iframe to a webpage and have another file open or the same even and take notes that way for example:

<iframe width="560" height="700" src=""></iframe>


Ahhh right, that makes sense for a workaround. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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This actually works surprisingly well!

If you set the width to 100% and height to about 1000px, then the iframe will stay fluid with the pane width and the height will perfectly fill the vertical space.


But sometime we don’t just want to embed a webpage. maybe we want to do a google search or have a quick look of the links in our notes

then do that :slight_smile: the beauty of iframes, obsidian, and the usage of html/css is that its incredibly flexible.

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Yes, you are right, Google doesn’t allow to embed itself.

Related feature requests:

and it’s related feature requests.

Any news about this idea ?

The iframe is quite not enough . Everything restart Obsidian the cookie is gone, we have to relogin again again.

Our getting knowledge where from Browser.

Making Browser in noteapp , combine 2 to 1.

That’s very handy , convince.

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