Minimal Theme

this will be resolved in the next major version of the Obsidian mobile app

@kepano Dear kepano, very like this theme. Do you have any solution about exporting the PDF colourfully (Title)? Thanks a lot.

I am trying to change the heading colors. I use the Style Settings plugin but it has no effect. Any ideas?

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. Do you have colorful headings on in Minimal Settings? If so you should turn that setting off because it overrides custom color schemes. See documentation at

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That was it @kepano . I turned off the colorful headings and can now select my own colors. Thank you!

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I just got the update for V1. Does anyone know about styling tables.

  • I now have truncated sentences in my tables instead of the line wrapping. How do I allow multiple lines to be shown? I have a dataview table with a summary column pulled from a data key in a note. I need to be able to read the entire summary sentence. Maybe there is an option I missed.

  • Also the file id column now has too much empty space after the file name.

  • I tried to use the inspector to look at it so I could create my own css snippet, but the inspector isn’t showing elements like it did before. Is that a change?

Editing my post to say I found a snippet from this thread.

One of the recent updates with Kanban plugins allows the changes of tag colors. When using Minimal Theme, I am not able to change the background color for the tags. Able to have a fix for this? Thanks.

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After the release of obsidian v 1.0 the YAML header (in the minimal theme) isn’t colourful in edit mode anymore. Does anyone know how do I get it to have colours again?

did you update the theme or does it still say legacy?

No :disappointed:. Do you know if there is a specific setting to bring it back?


Oh, I see this looks like a Light mode issue. It only colorizes in dark mode.
I just went through all of the color options for light mode and they’re all flat.

That’s interesting. Now that you mentioned it, I went through all color options and they are all flat for me. :thinking:

Same thing happened to me. I fixed it by installing the Editor Syntax Highlighting plugin. Same as you I experienced this as a core feature of Minimal but upon asking kepano on Discord, he said this was never a feature of the theme and if it was, it was by accident :laughing:

I see! Thanks for sharing the info and the plugin. I appreciate it!
Hopefully kepano will look into making this accidental feature a thing :laughing:

To be honest, This theme become my main default theme on ipad when using obsidian, love both font and the way it clean and minimal for that.

  • 1 annnoy thing for me, I’m trying to optimize the size of note in Obsidian, to suitable for multi tasking on stage management → so i wanna to hide ribbon bar and resize those space to have more space to visual for notes
    I had installed the new version of both hider plugin and minimal theme plugin, but seem not having some things to turn ribbon bar off, and resize the space in left sidebar? Any way or I’m missing something??

Hi, I’m using the Minimal Theme when I publish my Obsidian site. (it’s at

I would just like to change the color of the link/link hover.

I export the settings here:

“minimal-style@@ax1@@dark”: “#5C9CF5”,
“minimal-style@@ax1@@light”: “#5C9CF5”,
“minimal-style@@ax2@@dark”: “#F0F1F2”,
“minimal-style@@ax2@@light”: “#F0F1F2

How do I add it to the publish.css in order to have my published site reflect the change in color?

Thanks in advance!

It is strongly discouraged to use the Minimal app theme on your Publish site because most the code is not relevant to the Publish context, and not designed for use on the web. See License - Minimal Documentation

Interestingly I had that plugin installed already. So perhaps that is why I saw it in dark mode. Curious as to why it didn’t show up in light mode… I’m not worried about it since I prefer dark mode.

This theme is in combination with Style Settings and Minimal Theme Settings is fantastic. I like that I didn’t have to ultimately do stuff in CSS that was already exposed via those plugins, like line length.

Is there any way to modify the Active Line Background width so I can match it to my Normal Line Width? It doesn’t appear to be exposed via either Style Settings or Minimal Theme Settings.

I work with a Full Screen plugin on documents to maintain focus and there the text will obey its maximum width setting from Minimal Theme Settings, but it looks like the Active Line Background spans the Maximum Line Width % instead.

An alternative would be a command to switch on and off Active Line Background that I can see which I could use as an alternative.

I tried guessing my way into this command, but it had no effect:

body {
–file-active-line-bg-width: 1000px;

Is this related to your mention of Block Width requiring requires lines to be able to span 100% of the pane?

Another query - I note that Secondary Background changes the background color for left sidebar and menus.

Is there anything that exposes the background colour for the Right Sidebar?