Migrating Evernote to Obsidian

Hi! I recently migrated all 3,000 of my Evernotes outta Evernote and into Obsidian. I wanted to share how I did that in detail, so I wrote a blog post which can be read here.

Feel free to hit me up if there are any questions related to the post or getting data out of Evernote, since I am apparently an expert at it now. :slight_smile:


– Doug


Thanks for this. I used and still use Evernote. After many years, it’s integral to my workflow. Obsidian does great things, but I’m slow. One reason is that I haven’t found a great web clipper that collects text and images from open pages I want to save. That is central to my workflow, but not to everyone’s. If you are doing web clipping, I’d be glad to hear what you use now that you’ve moved on from Evernote.


I don’t do much in the way of web clipping (at least the way Evernote described it way back when), but I occasionally take screenshots, and for that I still use their Skitch utility, and copy/paste the image into an Obsidian note.

Thanks. I collect so many online articles for later reference (and often offline too) that web clipping is central for my workflow and needs.