Middle mouse click in Live Preview should open a link in a new tab (Windows)

Use case or problem

In reading mode, a middle mouse click opens a wikilink in a new tab, just like ctrl+click. In Live Preview mode, only ctrl+click does so, a middle click just puts the cursor in the link text.

Proposed solution

By mapping the middle click to open a link in a new tab even in Live Preview mode, this would be more consistent.

Related feature requests (optional)

Did not find any. I just realized that this behaviour is probably intentional, as a quick way to set the cursor in the link text - but that’s a use case I rarely need, however I might be the exception here?

Thank you for this awesome app.

it should do it. Moved to BR.

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will be fixed 1.1.6

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Awesome! What a quick fix, thank you team :heart_eyes:

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