Middle click to open file in a new tab

Use case or problem

The way it is right now, the middle click opens the file into the active tab, I would really like to see Obsidian behaving as any web browser as they open links into a new tab when using middle click.

Proposed solution

Just like any web browser. Left click opens file into the active tab and middle click opens it into a new tab.

Current workaround (optional)

If I pin the active tab, it opens links into new tabs.

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This should be the default behavior. Most applications behave this way, not only web browsers.

Or just ctrl + click - has the same effect.

Good to know, thanks! But it is very annoying to have to do this differently while on Obsidian. I am very used to use the middle click.

By the way, just did a quick search (see here or here - can’t try it myself at the moment and have never used it, so I didn’t know…) - middle click in obsidian should by default oben links in new tabs. So if it doesn’t in your case, the problem most probably resides elsewhere…

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I can confirm what @alltagsverstand is saying. I always use middle mouse click to open a file in a new tab and it works flawlessly in Obsidian. There must be something on your end.

@iuryt Could you see if it works in the Sandbox Vault? Ctrl/Cmnd + P -> Open Sandbox vault

Does it works for you? I tested this in different computers and it is not behaving this way.

Well… this is so weird that I am embarassed. For some obscure reason it started to work in my original vault after opening the sandbox vault.

So you opened the Sandbox Vault, closed it and then it works in your normal vault? Or do you mean it works in the Sandbox?

Both. I am pretty sure it wasn’t working for my vault but when I opened the sandbox vault it started to work on both.

I think I will delete this post and open again if it happens again.

Don’t delete the post. It can be helpful for the next person who searches for this on the forum.


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