Meta Post - Organizational Plugins

List of Organizational Plugins mentioned in this Thread

  1. Drag and drop “virtual desktop” similar to a kaban board
  2. Hide/Show Folders (e.g. you have project specific folders you want to have in file explorer only when working on said project)

Feel free also to start new discussions for plugin ideas and post a link to them here and I will update a master list at the top here


Interesting… How would it work? Would you be dragging “notes” or files around? And would it be folders you’re dropping it to?

It would be nice to be able to quickly turn off some folders at various times. For example I recently added NickMilo’s Digital Library to my vault but sometimes I don’t want its contents to appear in search, tags or my random note. I do want the convenience of temporarily having his library in my normal working area rather than as a separate vault.

Another example is when you might want to turn off the folder branch for business or a novel you are working on. Basically you could switch on areas to suit your working environment but mix in where convenient.

I know I can do this by playing around with disk directories and doing a rebuild but it’s a bit of a pain.


I imagine it as a plugin similar to graph view, where it opens in a new note or space of sorts. How it would work is you drag and drop a highlighted file from the file explorer onto the blank workspace and it would show up as a “card” of sorts about the same size as a popover. Then you can rearrange the cards in the order you want.

Would you want to drag it around anywhere like a virtual desktop/whiteboard? Or would you want more of a clearly-defined kanban column type system like Trello? think of it just like sticky notes or note cards on your desk. You just lay them out in a grid pattern next to each other.

:+1: Makes sense, just clarifying.

I think a kanban board view could be possible if we used note metadata for grouping. In general, it would be great to have tables, boards, cards, graphs that can be created by searching/querying on note metadata, tags, and content.


I would love to see a Kanban/Google Keep /Turtl style multi-note view added to Obsidian. I have a lot of diagrams and images in my notes, and the ability to have a visual overview would be :100:

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