Kanban view for folders

I think it’ll be generally useful to have different views for folders, just like what Notion and Trilium did. For example, a Kanban view where notes are sorted into lists by their tags. Dragging a note across lists changes its tag information.

It might be hard to implement with tags, since they are inline. Multiple tags is also a pain. So perhaps Kanban metadata can have their own syntax, e.g. Jekyll style yaml frontmatter:

key: value
key2: value2

or additional tag lines:

/key: value
/key2: value2

The user can then

  • Configure Kanban lists by keys
  • Add notes directly from Kanban view

Here is a concrete example. Say we have the following notes:

/status: todo
/category: dev

/category: dev
/status: published

/category: art
/status: todo

The UI will look like:

obsidian kanban


Amazing idea! It would be really helpful, I still need to adjust to some of the facts that markdown works. I truly love this community, it feels that we will create something bigger in the future! : )

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Great ideas, I’m hoping YAML front-matter gets formally implemented soon.

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