Index Card View (and Board)

A UI layout to view files as index cards that can be dragged & arranged on a board.

Many writers use this kind of feature & it could be super powerful in Obsidian. Could also be able to draw connection lines (which would allow it to become a graph/mindmap).

Connection lines could be strictly aesthetic, but they could also trigger a [[link]] to be made that’s places in those files & the label/attribute of the connection line is the title of [[link]].

Perhaps the size of the index cards are customizable and the card is interactive (ie edit/scoll, basically a panel)


Notecard view would be an excellent addition, and would allow obsidian to fully replace google keep- and kanban-like software services. It would be especially useful for users who have important visual elements in their notes. Notecard view is a common feature in screenwriting software as well, to allow writers to arrange and re-arrange scenes and think holistically about plot arcs.


Described this in a bit more detail here: Document Spanning

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When writing text for a paper or blog, individual notes must be put into a meaningful linear order. A virtual desktop within Obsidian would support an effective creation of texts. Selected notes could be arranged on the virtual desktop and a reasonable linear order could be created.