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How about RemNote…?

Is there any methods to transfer data from remnote to obsidian? (with a clear explanation?)

I see non in this post :frowning:

I found this link, but can’t seem to work it out by myself…

I’ve also posted remnote related question in a separate post, but it’s only been a few hours. Hope I can receive help from this post!!

Thanks in Advance~

The migration flow above from standardnotes to Obsidian didn’t work for me.
So I’ve wrote simple python script, that migrates notes and tags structure.


import json
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from pathlib import Path

import os

def _parse_args():
    description = """Migrates standardnotes unencrypted backupfile to the obsidian compatible, markdown tree folder structure.
If tags are enabled - convert tags to front matter yaml notation.
First tag found on the note - converted to note folder, preserving tag structure in the file system.
    argument_parser = ArgumentParser(description=description)

    argument_parser.add_argument('--output', type=str, help='Output folder. Defaults to input folder', default=None)
    argument_parser.add_argument('--skip-tags', dest='skip_tags', action='store_true', help='Ignores tags.', default=False)
    argument_parser.add_argument('input', type=str, help='Standardnotes backup folder')

    args = argument_parser.parse_args()

    return args

def prepare_notes_content(items, root_folder):
    notes = {}
    for item in items:
        if item['content_type'] != 'Note':

        content = item['content']['text']
        for clean_rich_text_words in [
            '<p dir="auto">',
            content = content.replace(clean_rich_text_words, "")

        notes[item['uuid']] = {
            'title': item['content']['title'],
            'content': content,
            "tags": [],
            "folder": ""
    return notes

def _prepare_tags_parents(tag_folder):
    tag_parents = {}

    for tag_file in tag_folder.glob("*.txt"):
        with open(tag_file, "r") as f:
            tag_data = json.load(f)

        tag_uuid ="Tag-", "").replace(".txt", "")
        tag_parents[tag_uuid] = {
            "parent": None,
            "title": tag_data['title']
        for reference in tag_data['references']:
            if reference['content_type'] != "Tag":

            parent_uuid = reference['uuid'].split("-")[0]
            tag_parents[tag_uuid]['parent'] = parent_uuid

    return tag_parents

def prepare_tags(backup_folder, notes):
    tag_folder = Path(backup_folder) / "Items" / "Tag"

    if not os.path.isdir(tag_folder):

    tag_parents = _prepare_tags_parents(tag_folder)

    for tag_file in tag_folder.glob("*.txt"):
        with open(tag_file, "r") as f:
            tag_data = json.load(f)

        references = tag_data['references']
        for reference in references:
            if reference['content_type'] != 'Note':
                item = notes[reference['uuid']]
            except KeyError:
                print(f'Wrong tag reference: missing uuid {reference["uuid"]}')

            tag_uuid ="Tag-", "").replace(".txt", "")
            current_tag = tag_parents[tag_uuid]

            folder = current_tag['title']

            while current_tag['parent']:
                current_tag = tag_parents[current_tag['parent']]
                folder = f"{current_tag['title']}/{folder}"

            if not item['folder']:
                item['folder'] = folder


def write_output(output, notes):
    output_destination = Path(output) / "markdown_migration"

    for item in notes.values():
        create_folder(output_destination / item['folder'])
        file_name = (output_destination / item['folder'] / item['title'].replace(
            " ", "_"
            ).replace("/", "_")).with_suffix('.md')

        with open(file_name, "w") as f:
            if item['tags']:
                for tag in item['tags']:
                    f.write(f"  - {tag}\n")


    print(f"Output written to f{output_destination}")

def create_folder(folder):
    if os.path.isdir(folder):
    except Exception:

def main(backup_folder, output=None, skip_tags=False):
    if output is None:
        output = backup_folder

    with open(Path(backup_folder) / "Standard Notes Backup and Import File.txt", "r") as f:
        backup = json.load(f)

    items = backup['items']
    notes = prepare_notes_content(items, output)

    if not skip_tags:
        prepare_tags(backup_folder, notes)

    write_output(output, notes)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    args = _parse_args()
    main(args.input, output=args.output, skip_tags=args.skip_tags)

Hey Korvyashka, sorry for the late reply.

Just to clarify, do I just need to download that file and run it in terminal with the same directory to convert all my remnote files into obsidian??