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This meta thread collects helpful posts for migrating from other tools. If you have found a tool that is useful, please drop a link in the comments or create a thread in #share-showcase explaining how you used it! I’ll update the index as we go along. Threads on the forum or blog posts describing best practices in workflows are also welcome (please consider adding them to Example Workflows in Obsidian first).

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Apple Notes


Google Keep



CSV exports


Standard Notes



Windows Sticky Notes






Collection of various Workflows for Migrating your Notes

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Converting from large outlines to Markdown.

For example, Workflowy or Dynalist.

See also Convert Outlines

I haven’t managed to do this yet, so would be interested in any attempts.

See also

Re: Evernote and Onenote, one workflow is:

Onenote > Evernote Import > Evernote export (as enex) > Joplin import > Joplin export as markdown

Migrate from Drafts

Not sure if there’s a better way, but I found this and added a few details. Feel free to add it…

Came across nvUltra’s import instructions, and since nvUltra and Obsidian both use Markdown, this might be helpful to people coming from Bear, Evernote, nvAlt, Notational Velocity,, Notion, Simplenote, and Ulysses.

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Thanks for sharing about Joplin - I had been starting to use Notion, just because I have it. But in order to get 2000 notes onto Evernote web, I’d need a premium account (and the time to upload). Also, I find that the attached/embedded files and links are better formatted with Joplin - the only thing I did was to batch replace " -" (4 spaces) with “-” in for all of the files Notepad++. Without that, I get a lot of red text.


FYI, I have heavily modified an existing Powershell script that exports from OneNote directly to markdown, along with all sorts of prompts for tweaks, cleaning up of output etc…

I made a post for it here and the github link is here

Care to add it to your meta list?

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Anyone had success importing cleanly from Google Keep? I have an issue converting labels to tags.

Easy enough to export the data in html format from Google Keep using Google Takeout. I then converted to markdown using this software but the labels are not converted to tags (it just reads ‘tags: - null’ on the converted .md file):


I have been using Foam for some time. Can I use Obsidian over my notes folder non-destructively? Will it break if I go back to Foam?

You can use Foam and Obsidian at the same time, so long as you don’t clash edits. The underlying data is just markdown files.


OK, great, thank you. That gives me confidence to make the switch for a while and try it out.

It would be great if there were an easy way to export from Day One Classic to Obsidian. Entries are formatted as XML

no success here…

Spent the whole evening trying, so frustrating

I’ve used this obnoxious system that uses Bear link

I’d like to switch from Joplin to Obsidian, but I fear I’ll lose metadata. Any scripts, suggestions or guides?

Thanks a lot!

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I am looking to switch around 14,000 flash cards from Anki to Obsidian. Any help will be appreciated.

This would be helpful for me too. I’m using Joplin, a great package, for handling my Evernote notes (from a previous life :slight_smile:), but see some limits, e.g., handling attached PDFs. In any case, I would want to make annotations on the PDFs (as I do now with MarginNote 3) and link files, groups and individual notes. And yes, I’d like to keep a link to the original file in the metadata, files with annotations/comments and have a log of editing changes.

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