Mermaid mindmap and timeline feature not available in Obsidian

Use case or problem

Currently mermaid supports its Mindmap feature. However, native Mermaid interpreter in Obsidian cannot parse Mermaid diagram starting with mindmap.

Proposed solution

I hope native Mermaid plugin in Obsidian can be upgraded to recognize mindmap functions. In my opinion, mind maps is one of the most powerful visualization tools Mermaid could provide.


Ooh, very nice. I’d love to see that feature.


Yes, I need this support 。

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+1 Tried and failed to make a mindmap in Obsidian today.

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+1, it would be great to have that feature!

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+1. Still waiting for it

this should be implemented in 1.1.14+

It’s not as they are not included in Mermaid v9.3 by default.

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Does a timeline exist to follow along and get an idea when to expect this?

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Seconding this. Obsidian 1.1.5 currently still has this bug🪲.

Darn shame too, since Mermaid has also expanded to include a “timeline” diagram too.


Any way to ‘unsolve’ this request? In general, probably not a good idea to mark issues solved if the solution is to refer to a time in the future when the issue should not be present by things that may happen :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I wanted to keep this issue open because I agree that mermaid without mindmap is rather disappointing.


Let me doublecheck.

Ok, Mindmap and Timeline are still experimental and included in mermaid v10. When we deem version 10 stable, we will begin the process to upgrade to it. There are no ETAs as mermaid v10 changed its APIs too.


Alright, thanks for the speedy response! Looking forward to this feature :slight_smile:

Any news on this? v10 is out.


Can we somehow help in checking the stability?

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Additionally, I hope for a better implementation of mermaid in general, bc right now every change to mermaid css rules needs an “!important” override to work at all. That is bad :slightly_frowning_face:

+1 for mindmap support!

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@WhiteNoise now that Mermaid is at 10.1.0, any idea of when it’ll be included in Obsidian?

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No ETAs, sorry!