Mermaid internal-link as linked mention

Use case or problem

When I make a mermaid graph node an internal link, I want it to show up as a linked mention so that I could use it in DataView. Perhaps this is a DataView feature request? But either way, it would be nice to show it as a linked mention as well so it would show up in graph view.

Proposed solution

I have no idea how this would be implemented.

Current workaround (optional)

No workaround

Related feature requests (optional)

Related, would appreciate alias support in Mermaid internal-links as well.

For example, if I have note A that has a Mermaid graph that links to note B, in note B I want to be able to find note A when I use DataView’s this.file.inlinks.

Good idea! You will be happy to hear others definitely agree that this would be helpful. There are actually a number of threads that mention it, but this feature request received the most attention: