Support backlinks for internal links defined by Mermaid

Use case or problem

I use mermaid code to define internal links at the beginning of my notes for navigation purpose. Following is an example of the code which defines the note A contains two internal links to two other notes B and C.

graph LR

A(First note)
B(First note child one)
C(First note child two)

A --> B
A --> C

class A,B,C internal-link;

And as seen below, it renders properly in preview mode and I can jump to either note B or C by clicking on the rendered box for either one.


But I also notice that while I’m in note B or C, note A doesn’t show up as backlink, as were when normal internal links to note B and C are present in note A.

I asked the same in Discord channel. Following is my initial message there. And I got one of the mods’ nod to post this.

Hope you will consider supporting this in the future because I don’t want to add duplicated internal links simply in order to make backlinks work again. Thanks in advance.

Proposed solution

I think Obsidian should consider treating the internal links in Mermaid code the same way as those normal internal links. That means all the backlinking, linked mentioning and graph viewing should all work.

Current workaround (optional)

Until the feature is in place I have to add duplicated normal internal links next to the mermaid version.

Related feature requests (optional)



I use Mermaid links a fair amount, mostly for things like “maps” of city trade routes, and would get value out of those pages showing up on backlinks.

(Related, it would be amazing if dataview’s links got support too >.>)


same problem, please implement this

Yes, this would be great to have.

+1,would be great to have.