Mermaid diagrams kind of wonky?

I love that mermaid is included now for code blocks! They work a little weird though… I think this is due to the readable line length, I don’t have any custom CSS enabled, but the diagrams are getting cut off.

If there’s a way to resize Mermaid diagrams with the language itself so that they fit, that might be the solution? The code is included here:

graph TB
    Start --> Stop
graph TB
	Oscar --> Diana
	Flor --> Diana
	Fernando --> Felipe
	Marta --> Felipe
	Felipe --> Daniel & Manuela
	Diana --> Daniel & Manuela	
pie title NETFLIX
         "Time spent looking for movie" : 90
         "Time spent watching it" : 10

please search before posting.

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Sorry lol, the update was so new that I didn’t think anyone had made a post yet… Didn’t bother to search haha. Thanks.

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