Menu / Application key on Spelling Errors

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable Spell Check
  2. Type a spelling error
  3. With the cursor in the spelling mistake press the menu key (aka application key) or “Shift + F10”.

Expected result

The corrections for the spelling mistake should appear.

Actual result

The Cut/Copy/Paste menu appears.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.8.12

We don’t use the same UI of the right click menu for the spelling suggestion.
We are not going to rework this now because at some point we will migrate to a different spellchecking system.

It’s been over a year and this is still an issue. Is this ever going to be fixed/redesigned?

This was fixed. We still have bugs with shift-f10.

I’m running v0.12.19. If I misspell a word, bring the cursor to the middle, then press the “Menu”/“Application” key on my keyboard, I get a context menu (Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste as plain text, Select all) but no spelling options. If I instead right-click at the same location, I get additional spelling options (Add to dictionary, plus suggested replacements).

I have never pressed Shift+F10 in Obsidian before, but I just tried and it acts exactly the same as the Menu key (context menu sans spelling options).

@WhiteNoise - this is definitely not fixed

Sorry, @WhiteNoise I think maybe we are talking about different things.

This thread is about spelling suggestions not appearing in the context menu, if the context menu is triggered by the Application key OR Shift-F10 - spelling suggestions only appear if the context menu is triggered by an actual right click of the mouse (there is no such thing as a “Keyboard Right Click”). In my case, the context menu always appears in the right spot, it just doesn’t contain spelling suggestions if the word underneath is misspelled. I know it is triggering in the right spot because it’s in the right spot, but also because if I have a misspelling in a heading, the “Rename this heading” and “Extract this heading” options appear.

My specific request is: Please move this out of the “Bug graveyard” since this is an active bug. If it was fixed in a version AFTER v0.12.19, let me know and I’ll test that version, but as of now, this bug still exists, as described by the original poster above.

This thread was started a year ago when we still used electron’s native context menu. You do no have this problem.

I am fairly confided you have a variation of that problem that I linked.

If when you try the new editor in 0.13+ you still have the issue, open a new bug report and attach a screen recording of the bug happening in the help vault.