Keyboard Context Menu Button (Right Click Shift-F10) doesn't trigger at the right spot

Sometimes Keyboard Right Click (Shift-F10) doesn’t trigger at the right spot.
The cursor is moved to the wrong location and the wrong context menu is shown.

Repro Steps

  1. Hit Shift F10
  2. Observe that the menu is not related to that location. (doesn’t capture misspelled items or it is related ot a nearby link)


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I wish that would be fixed soon. This is last thing that prevent me from using obsidian. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for creating bug ticket :slightly_smiling_face:

this is fixed in the new editor (0.13+).

It doest not work for me unfortunately. I am on MacOs and Obsidianbuild 0.13.7 and cannot trigger the context menu by keboard. Any ideas?

I can get the context menu to trigger by setting “Enable alternate pointer actions” on, but that triggers the context menu at the mouse position, not the cursor position.

are you using the new editor?

Yes I think I am. I do not know how to switch between the old and the new. Since I have live preview enabled and multilingual spell checking it ought to be the new editor. Right?

how do you trigger the right click menu with the keyboard in other apps?

What is the macos way of doing this?
It’s possible that this is not something that is done in macos.

The right click physical keyboard button and shift-f10 are windows things.

It can be done in MacOS and you can basically choose any key(combo) you want. However the standard behavior is the context menu triggers at the location of the mouse pointer, not the cursor. And thus the context menu does not contain the autocorrect functionality that you would want it to have.

So it is not per se an Obsidian issues, but while reading all the posts on the forum and on Discord, I never really saw somebody mention that it would not work on MacOS. :slight_smile:

Microsoft Word does not handle it in a nice way, it also creates a pop up at the mouse pointer location.
Apple Pages (their Word counter part) handles this particular issue in the follownig way:
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 20.09.28
And you can select the correct spelling pressing a Down Arrow, Enter sequence.
And firing the keycombo for the context menu gives:

The mouse was located at the topleft corner of where the context menu is located in the picture, but is was not included in the screenshot.
So MacOS can do this, although I am not entirely sure Apple opened this up for non-Apple applications.

Edit: further experimentation learns that this popup behavior seems not to be fully consistent.