Manage Workspaces is Missing 'Quick' Save

Manage Workspaces Allows Saving but not Quickly

When using the workspace manager to save your workspace you need to retype the title. This is annoying as it makes correcting workspaces more difficult.

Because it is easy to forget what specific workspace is loaded the save and load another workspace option is basically useless. As you can accidentally overwrite one workspace with another. (Thankfully GIT can rescue.)

Proposed solution

Add a button to the manager to save the current view as a workspace that is already titled. See the image for a proposal.

Manage Workspaces

Current workaround (optional)

Re type your workspace name in the manager to save.

Related feature requests (optional)

It would be nice if the workspace was displayed somewhere by default so that it is obvious if you are still on a specific workspace. Like some option to display it in the footer with the word count would be nice.

Also seems related to this:

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There is a command to save and load another layout. You can use that.

I agree that we could preload the current workspace in the text box

I am using Workspaces plus, which has a command palette option for saving the current workspace as one step.

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Backlink, since the other topic is already locked. This Workspace: Save current state, before switching - #6 by WhiteNoise is better solved with the above suggestion ^^^

That would also work. I mostly wanted the buttons as I sync my obsidian using git and the number of times that the workspaces get out of sync due to conflicts is very high. So having the button on each would prevent the confusion that obsidian+git seems to create. AKA I’m not sure that the workspace that obsidian thinks is open is always the one that is open.

In addition it isn’t like there is a lack of screen real-estate on that modal.