Manage notes (not folders) as a nested list in the sidebar

Use case or problem

Related to Zettelksaten: if you want to follow the Folgezettel ID system, you may find helpful the ability to manage notes in the sidebar as a nested list without using Folders structure. This would allow you to expand or collapse sections and sub-sections in order to improve the way to view and work with the different branches

It is not about a list within the note but about managing notes as a nested list

Proposed solution

Expanded Note list example
Nested list expanded

Collapsed Note list example
Nested list collapsed

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)


Great feature request!

Since there is no database, just folders of files, what would you propose the entity at the top of each nest would be? Is 1a1 Title a file? A folder? Some internal fiction that Obsidian sees but is not reflected in the external data in a vault?

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afaics, the easiest way of achieving something similar would be through links. Either a normal link in a special place (YAML?), or a special syntax ([[[ ?), with the requested display through a plugin.

Otherwise has to be a plugin with database. Either way a plugin, not a feature.

Thanks. Iā€™m going to propose it in the plugins ideas section