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Hi, I’ve looked through the section and I don’t think I saw this, if it is somewhere I’m sorry!

The idea is to be able to give certain pages “hub” status, almost like a sub-vault. They would link to all pages in a folder. They would also show up as bigger in Graph View.


I think that something like this has been suggested or is in the pipeline. I believe I saw something about being able to scope to a specific node in the graph, possibly just the one that you have selected elsewhere. I can’t find a reference to it at the moment though.

While this and that are not exactly the same, maybe this ties into how that system would work.


According to [[Graph view]] in Obsidian Help:

Notes with more notes referencing it appear as bigger nodes on the graph.

So pages/nodes that contain a lot of links to other pages/nodes actually ARE displayed bigger in graph-view automatically without need to specify “hub” status manually. See it yourself.
Does the current behavior match your expectations or is there a usecase where manually specified “hub” status would be better?

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Ah okay! I think that manually setting status would be helpful too, for example when you’re starting a new hub page with not many links.

On this forum, these “hub-pages” / “structure notes” are often called “MOC” (= Map Of Content). 1, 2
The “status” can be explicitly specified e.g. by writing “#MOC” tag in content of the note.
When tags are displayed in graph, then hovering over “#MOC” in graph dims all pages except “MOC” pages so they look like highlighted = substitute for larger size of “new hub page with not many links”.
Related feature request: Graph View: Thick Edges between Mocs

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So the only missing part seems to be embedding folder within note, i.e. up-to-date list of clickable links to “all pages in a folder” so that when user changes content of the folder, then list in “MOC” page reflects the change automatically, does not need to be maintained manually.

Related feature requests:

(about integration/unification of folders/directories and files/notes)