Make the settings dialog moveable so I can see behind it

What I’m asking for

I would like to be able to see the effect of certain changes to my preferences, such as theme changes or other appearance tweaks, but the settings dialog blocks it. It covers the current page completely by default.
If the dialog were movable it would just help for this use case. Is this possible?

For example, in this screen shot, I’m about to change the font size for callouts, but there is no way to see what it does until I dismiss the dialog. So I have to keep bouncing back and forth in and out of the settings dialog.

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Style settings can already be opened in a tab. Use the command pallet (CMD/CTRL + P) and search for style settings and then it can open in a tab.

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If I need to see my main window and see the changes made at the same time, I usually open a random note in a new window (Move to new window), slide it off to the side, and open settings in that pop-out window.

The FR is here. Give it a :purple_heart:


Thanks for the workarounds and finding the appropriate feature request. I’ll mark yours as a solution in recognition that this is a duplicate request on my part.

Just a heads up: if you have a pop-out window open with the Settings modal up, Obsidian hotkeys (cmd/ctrl+p, cmd/ctrl+o, etc) won’t work. This trips me up once a week or so when the window gets buried under something. :woozy_face:

System shortcuts (copy/paste/etc) still work fine.

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