Make the left sidebar icon remain stationary like the right sidebar one

Use case or problem

On macOS, the button to expand/retract the right sidebar conveniently doesn’t move when the sidebar opens, making it easy to quickly open and close it without moving the mouse. The left sidebar button, on the other hand, currently moves with the sidebar’s opening and closing.

Proposed solution

Make the left sidebar button remain stationary, with sidebar-related buttons appearing to its right (just as the right sidebar’s buttons appear to its left). That would enable quick peeks at left sidebar content without having to break concentration and move the mouse to chase the button. It would also make sidebar-related UI behavior more consistent and predictable in general.

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Not to derail the request, just offering a workaround. You can consider assigning hotkeys.

Personally, I use Cmd-[ and Cmd-] (or Ctrl on Windows) to quickly toggle the sidebars.

basically, you would like to have the left-sidebar button next to the window management buttons?

Yes, at least on macOS that would keep the button next to the OS window management buttons. Basically, it would remain where it is when the sidebar is in its collapsed state.

Try this

.sidebar-toggle-button.mod-left {
    position: fixed;

.mod-left-split .workspace-tab-header-container-inner,
.mod-root .workspace-tab-header-container-inner {
    padding-left: inherit;

I tested this code snippet with the default theme and my own theme Dune on MacOs

To add snippets, check out CSS snippets - Obsidian Help

The current layout is intentional and is not going to change. If you are bothered by it, use css or just don’t use the hidden frame (settings>appearance>window frame style) .

I urge you to reconsider. Location and behavior consistency between sides and platforms would be far better and more polished UX.

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